Street Glide Special in Snake Venom
Thanks for asking about my experiences at Silverdale HD. Just last week I purchased a new 2021 Street Glide Special and I could not be happier. I have been a long time customer and though I mention this latest purchase, I by all means do not want to limit my comments to just this one purchase. I am grateful to have my local HD dealer here on the Olympic Peninsula, providing service and parts for my bikes as well as all of the other products and services. I am drawn to the store more often than not looking for motor clothes and accessories and through the helpful contact with Nichole and Dakota I get questions answered or products ordered, if items are not found in the store. I see shopping on-line as shooting in the dark when it come to fit and quality and you just can not replace the personal touch of quality customer service. Jim and Tyler are always willing to talk about the bikes and what is coming out in the line up or are willing to let me try out bikes or as in this case, find me the right bike to purchase. I came to the store looking for a hoodie that was advertised, but not available in my size on-line (This has been very common of late with HD ads), so I came in to find out what the possibility of ordering one would be. Following this conversation, Jim came over we started talking about what was new on the floor and he let me take a 2021 Road Glide Special out for a ride and I found the bike very much to my liking, but not the color. I also found the pricing a bit out of my comfort zone too. However, through the current trade-in program and Jim's constant contact we were able to find move beyond these issues and locate the right bike, in the right color, with a payment I was comfortable with. I appreciate Jim's professionalism and that fact that I never felt that he was pushing me to do something that I did not want to do. Some dealers I experienced have been less than stellar, with high pressure tactics that left me, the customer pissed off and frustrated, because the sales experience was more about them and not me. This is the 5th bike I have purchased from Destination HD and I am sure it will not be the last. Thanks again for asking. (Employee: Jim Huston, Dakota Carver, Nichole Nash, Tyler Grewell)
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Brian Forde
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