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I've shopped and previously bought a bike from Destination Harley Davidson in the past and came back to see if there was a bike I was looking for. Seeing the bike I had been wanting for a long time, I approached Trey and we began the process. Little did I know, I was in for a ride. He asked me about why I was trading in my 2018, my riding habits and style, he wanted to make sure I was getting the bike I wanted and needed. After he knew what I needed, we talked to parts and service to make sure I could get the parts for the engine upgrades as well as accessories I requested. Larry and Chris were knowledgeable and hit the mark. Between them, as well as Patrick and Stormy, I was all set to make my purchase and now have a bike I plan to ride for a long, long time. I've had a bike from Destination Harley that was rode hard and rebuilt, I've had as I felt was good customer service and extremely honest feedback from sales, parts and service in the past and wanted to continue that relationship. Trey was a great sales person. I recommended my friend Josh to talk to him if able, a week later he bought a new bike as well. 2 other friends who were not looking to buy are now considering a new bike based on our experiences. We're happy customers and hoping others will see this and be just as happy. Walking in recently to get my permanent plates for my bike, Trey greeted me at the door and followed up with how the bike was treating me. Makes you feel valued being greeted by name, and remembering the time spent during the sale. Long term, I also know I'm in good hands in service as Stormy and Patrick have always taken great care of me and my bike. (Employee: Trey Aviles-Polk, Larry Jennings, Stormy Butler, Chris Hare)
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James Patterson
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