Brand New Engine
I started hearing a ticking in the engine on my way home from Sturgis this last August. I took my bike for service at a different location that I've used for my other motorcycles and they informed me there was a of metal in the oil. I asked them to deliver it to Destination Silverdale which they did and Stormy took over as my service advisor. I purchased a warranty when I bought the bike in July and I'm glad I did. They started with replacing the valve train, oil pump, and compensator. They took it for a test drive and the ticking came back before the trip was through. They got authorization to go all in and it turned out the entire engine needed to be rebuilt. It took some time for the parts to get in but that was to be expected. I was given updates every few days as to when my bike was expected to be complete and when it was ready, they delivered it to my doorstep in Olalla clean as a whistle are ready to ride. The only thing I need now is for the weather to cooperate so I can put a few more miles on it and get the break in oil change completed. (Employee: Stormy Butler)
Joe Mitchell
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