Another home run for the service department.
In August of 2019 I purchased a new Electra Glide Standard. Love the bike. It had a small issue which was quickly taken care of (see my previous review). At about the 2,000 mile mark I noticed an oil leak on the front cylinder between the rocker box and the head. This was about the time the Stay Home order was going into effect. Stormy got the bike in and had the gasket replaced and I was off to the races. I thought. The leak reappeared and, in the midst of all the COVID chaos it was determined by the motor company to have the entire cylinder head and rocker box assemblies replaced (under warranty). I was without my bike for a few weeks because of all of the shut-downs etc., but Patrick and Stormy kept me informed of where we were at (and were very patient with me when Id call to ask). I was pleasantly surprised when I got the call saying my bike was ready. I rode it for about 600 miles before I even looked at the spot where it had been leaking. DAMN! More oil. Another call, another service visit. I felt confident that my bike was in good hands, and told them to take all the time they needed. It took about a week, but the bike was thoroughly inspected and tested and Im happy to say finally sealed properly and doing great. Once again, a home run for Stormy, Patrick and the rest of the service department! (Employee: Stormy Butler, Patrick Sharp)
Jeff Powell
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