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Used Bike Purchase
Andrew was very helpful in answering my many questions and took the time I needed. He was never pushy, he provided all the information I needed and gave me a printout of the pricing breakdown, including my trade in allowance. Then another fellow (think he is the sales manager) also offered help, and provided additional price information. When I told them I wanted to think about the purchase overnight, they agreed. They even offered to pick up my trade in for valuation - - The next day we completed the paper work, and they agreed to include a windshield in the final price. Larry from the parts department helped select the correct size windshield, and even held the sample on the bike to help decide the size. I cannot leave out your driver - - when he came to pickup my trade in, he called to tell me the date, then called again to tell me the time. He was coming from another deliver/pickup in Yelm - -a long way from my house - - called me again to tell me he would be here at 1:30 p.m, I heard him arrive, checked my watch....IT WAS 1:30 P.M. They are now doing the used bike service, and will deliver. Thanks, Larry (Employee: Andrew Rawson, Larry Jennings)
Larry Kehres
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