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My Recent Experience
Earlier this year I purchased a 2019 Sport Glide from Destination HD. I also had a Stage 1 kit included and selected a Heavy Breather air filter for the bike. However, when I went to purchase a rain cover for the air filter, Chris (in Parts) informed me that HD had yet to develop or market a rain cover for that particular filter. Months went by and I had pretty much forgotten about this item when last week I received a phone call from Chris, that at long last HD, had finally put a cover out for that particular air filter unit. So, I came in earlier this week and made the purchase through Chris. It was hard for me to believe that my having forgotten all about the air filter cover that Chris had not forgotten and that he followed thru on my behalf. If that isn't great customer service, then I don't know what is! It may be a small thing in the scheme of things, but nonetheless, Chris had my back. Thanks much Chris. Have a good one!
Tom Jordan
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