Best buying experience ever!
I simply can't say enough about the entire staff at Destination Harley-Davidson Silverdale! The entire experience from my first glance at their web site until now has been nothing short of spectacular. I was able to browse the inventory online and then drop and get a closer look at those bikes that I was interested in, then finally take the one I liked best out for a test drive. I never buy on the first day and always give myself time to mull over my decision and this was no exception. However I went home I and the very next day I was sure this was the bike for me. I applied for financing online and was approved literally in seconds, but I had to wait until the following Saturday to go pick up the bike. That day was even more amazing. From Justin in Sales/Finance to Nichole in Motor clothes to Larry in Parts and everyone else whose names I can't remember, I felt like I was the only focus of their attention and they were so friendly and knowledgeable. They all treated me like family (the kind you like to hang out with, not the kind you only see on Thanksgiving). This was my second bike purchase, the first one in 1993. And 2 months and 1000 miles later, I can tell you this was the second best decision I ever made (the first marrying my wife of 32 years). If you are thinking of buying a Harley, stop thinking now and drive down to Destination HD in Silverdale. These guys will hook you up and you will never regret it! (Employee: Ed Wallace, Larry Jennings, Nichole N.)
Timothy Jennings
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